What The Color Of T-Shirt You Wear Says About Your Personality

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Color has a tremendous influence in our lives. It connects with our moods and emotions and oftentimes we don’t see the subliminal connections.

You may have favorite t-shirt Color that you wear more often than others. Do you know why that is? Here is a look at what those Color say about your personality.


1 – Black

What was once the Color of mourning is now a Color of celebration – of sorts. Movements such as Goth and Punk have adopted black as their ‘club Color’ because it means so many things. If you wear black t-shirts, it shows that you have strength, power, elegance, sophistication and authority.

2 – Brown

Brown is symbolic of all things that are grounded. Considered a major Earth tone – for this very reason – when you wear brown you show that you have smarts, stability and dependability.

3 – Blue

This calming Color says a lot about you. When blue is your favorite pick, you exhibit your creativity, that you are a positive person, peaceful and loyal.

4 – Grey

The message that comes from wearing Grey is clearly not meant to be specific. It is the color of depression, apathy and indifference.

5 – Purple

The color of royalty. Purple says you are artistic, creative, have strong instincts and are intuitive. You also say that you are rich with possessive and spiritual wealth when you wear purple.

6 – Silver

The warning signs will suddenly pop up when you wear the metallic shades of silver. The color tells others that you are adventurous and anything but reserved or shy.

7 – Red

Not only is this a hot color, it gives you a strong message. When you wear red you are wearing the color of energy, aggression, passion, sensuality and boldness. If you have confidence, this color says so.

8 – Orange

Need some new direction? Orange is the color that opens doors to possibilities. It helps with creativity, enthusiasm, ambition and good times.

9 – Yellow

If you are a happy, cheerful, logical and optimistic person, then you should be wearing yellow. This color encourages inspiration, intelligence and helps you to get through whatever project you are working on.

10 – Pink

There is a reason why this has always been considered a ‘girly’ color. That’s because it is the color of femininity. It is also the color of unconditional love.

11 – Green

Green is a calming color. That is because it is the color of nature and it is also associated with healing, generosity and mental sharpness.

12 – White

New beginnings and cleansing are two things that are connected to the color of white. If you are seeking a bright, clean and fresh start, then wear this color to get closer to that state.

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