Top Ten Popular T-Shirt Designs

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You’ve probably had this happen to you. You’re trying to come up with a new and creative t-shirt design but you keep drawing blanks.

We know, sometimes the best inspiration happens without warning but when you need it, it’s just not there for you. It’s okay.

At YayPrint we’ve got your back. We understand that it isn’t always easy to come up with the perfect t-shirt design. That’s why we like to see what other designers have created. It gives us inspiration. So, to give you a hand, let’s take a look at the top ten most popular t-shirt designs in the world.

10 – Just Do It (Nike)


It was an advertising campaign that continues to be repeated over and over again. The visual of the Nike ‘swoop’ logo is one of the most recognizable logos on the planet. Ad executive Dan Wieden gets the credit for this but says the words “just do it” came from a convict on Death Row.

9 – D.A.R.E.


The International Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program swept across the United States in 1983. It has since been introduced in several other countries around the world. The ‘DARE’ logo is highly recognized and the t-shirts are iconic in what they represent.

8 – The Tuxedo T-Shirt


Alright, who didn’t have at least one of these in their closet? The tuxedo t-shirt gave a whole generation of young men a cheap alternative to formal wear. Sadly, it became more of a joke than an actual fashion trend.

7 – Hard Rock Café


One of the most popular holiday souvenir t-shirts is one from any of the countless Hard Rock Cafes around the world. Don’t kid yourself, there’s going to be one somewhere near you. It’s a classic t-shirt with a classic and well-known logo.

6 – Batman


Oddly enough, everyone wants to be Batman. Not so many are interested in being Robin. The Caped Crusader has such an iconic and bold logo that words are not needed to identify that stylized bat in the yellow light.

5 – Superman


Speaking of cartoon heroes, the Man of Steel just edges out Batman on the list of the most popular t-shirt designs in the world. It’s again related to Hollywood and the logo that stands out boldly with a giant letter S.

4 – Rolling Stones Lips ‘n’ Tongue


Created only after Mick Jagger needed a corporate logo for Rolling Stones Records and additional branding, the lips ‘n’ tongue logo ended up on the band’s Sticky Fingers LP. It has since become one of the most recognized musical band logos on the planet.

3 – Ghostbusters


Who you gonna call? This incredibly creative logo came from the movie of the same name and was actually used in the movie as the ‘company’ logo for the paranormal investigators. It has taken on a life of its own since and appears on t-shirts regularly.

2 – Vote For Pedro


Thanks to another Hollywood movie, this one from 2004 and titled Napoleon Dynamite, this t-shirt design is simple yet powerful. It’s the same look at the t-shirt worn in the movie during a rather well-known dance scene. The Vote For Pedro movement has taken cult-like status since.

1 – I (heart) NY


The number one t-shirt design on this list goes to the extremely iconic I (heart) NY design. Created as a means to lift the spirits of New Yorkers after several bad experiences in the city, designer Milton Glaser was inspired to create this simple, yet positive message.

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