Top 10 tips for designers & sellers

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In order to increase your sales, you must first increase your online presence. Make sure to share your designs on a daily basis and target all social media.
We make sure to add new models in our app, so you can keep your posts new and interesting.

Go viral – Be relevant

There is always something going on in the world, New president? New popular Netflix series? Use new trends as inspiration for your next design and attract more visitors to your store.

Be Funny

People like to laugh! Making funny designs can always help attract a new audience as well as making people feel happier

Target your audience

Make sure to create targeted designs in order to increase your conversion. Got a youtube channel? post relevant designs for your followers.

Persistence is key

Learn from your previous popular designs, and use your experience to create better more successful designs.

Keep it simple

Avoid overcrowded designs with too many elements, keep your designs focused on one or two elements with small editions to add that final touch.

Avoid duplicate designs

Keep your store diverse, and avoid creating designs with high similarity.

Consider your item’s color

When designing, use colors that complement your item’s color.

Use our templates

We create new free templates on a daily basis in order to help users follow recommended design standards, feel free to use them and create new unique designs for your store.

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We are here to help

feel free to request new features, models, colors or anything that you think will help you create better designs, and improve your store management.

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