Things To Be Aware Of Before Ordering A Custom T-Shirt

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When you consider the countless number of possibilities that can appear on a t-shirt, it may be a bit hard to believe that some things are strictly taboo in this format.

Sure, you can readily express yourself in numerous ways with a piece of clothing you wear above the waist, but what sort of things are too touchy to print on a t-shirt?

We’ll take a look here at some of the ways in which t-shirts can become legal issues if you are not careful when creating your own custom design.

1 – Trademark Infringement


Branding is serious business in the corporate world and because it is, companies will do as much as possible to protect their logo and related marketing tools.

However, there are also several big-name brands that have allowed their branding to appear on t-shirts simply because it is good advertising for them.

When seeking a logo for a custom t-shirt, steer clear of copyrighted material but if you are looking for a trending t-shirt, don’t be surprised if popular corporate logos appear in the selection.

2 – Internet Photos


There is some considerable grey area related to internet images. One camp points to the fact that an image published online becomes public property. The other camp says it is still the property of the owner.

Unless you intend to use images that are either your property or come from a royalty-free source, you may want to just avoid any possible confrontations.

The other way around this is to seek the permission of the source before using an online image. At least that way you have someone’s okay.

3 – Quotes From Famous People


Here’s where you can have a lot of fun customizing a t-shirt. There is an endless supply of interesting, unusual, thought-provoking, funny and more famous quotes to draw from.

Let’s face it, there is a high probability that the one thing you are trying to say in the right way has already been said by someone famous.

That’s okay because it gives you a great marketing tool to print on a t-shirt. The general rule of thumb is that a quote is not really legally protected but as a courtesy it is common to at least include a credit to whoever said the line as a reference.

4 – Characters


Because any kind of character is considered intellectual property, there are copyright laws that come into play with the use of even a common cartoon character on a t-shirt. That being said, you will also find that several popular characters are also trending choices for t-shirt designs.

This is because many of these characters are iconic and as such are very good advertising and marketing tools. So, you could easily find one that is available for use and have it on your custom t-shirt. Just don’t include a negative message because that could get you into some hot water.

YayPrint Can Get You The T-Shirt You Want The Most

We can help you design a t-shirt that won’t get you into legal issues simply because our designs, graphics and additional marketing images are free for you to use without worry.

We enjoy t-shirt designs as much as you do but we all have to try not to cross the line that could potentially become a problem.

Let us help you design the perfect t-shirt for your requirements and within your budget. Check us out today for that fabulous t-shirt you’ll be wearing in no time. YayPrint can do it and we can do it right.

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