The Best Way To Fold T-Shirts

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Just about as old as the timeless debate of paper versus plastic is the one related to whether or not t-shirts should be folded or hung. It is a good question and the most likely choice will result from the amount of storage space you have in your closets. Hanging takes less space, but in many cases it can stretch out a t-shirt which can result in damage over time. With this in mind, we will focus this article on the folding of t-shirts to store them.

Here are the steps to follow in order to properly fold a t-shirt.

1 – The Start

Your very first step in folding a t-shirt requires that you lay a t-shirt flat and face up in front of you. The neck should be on the right hand side. This is important to have the t-shirt properly positioned.

2 – The Pinch

You will have to use both hands for this step. Pinch the t-shirt on the side opposite of you at these two locations: one hand at the shoulder – roughly near the center of the sleeve and neck with the other location being halfway down the t-shirt – parallel to your other hand.

3 – The Cross

While holding to the two locations firmly pinched by your fingers, cross your right hand over your left one. You should be bringing the shoulder area down to meet the bottom hem of the t-shirt. When this happens, grab the hem and hold it firmly as well.

4 – The Lift

Your next step is the lift the t-shirt up so that it hangs in front of you. Then you uncross your arms – while still holding the t-shirt – and pull the fold taut as you uncross.

5 – The Finish

The final step to completing the ‘folding t-shirt’ move is to place the hanging sleeve on the work surface in front of you and draping the folded portion over neatly. And there you go, your t-shirt is now folded and ready for storage.


See? Folding a t-shirt is fairly simple, once you get the hang of it and you’ll be able to stack many of them on shelves or in dresser drawers to keep them clean and tidy. The same directions here can also be used to fold other pieces of clothing including sweatshirts, pullovers, sweaters and casual shirts that you prefer not to hang.

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